Sedation Dentistry

About sedation dentistry for kids

At Neon Kids Dental, we're committed to providing gentle, friendly, and comprehensive dental care to kids. We believe that good oral health is vital for a child's development, and we're here to help every step of the way.

Sedation dentistry offers children with anxiety about going to the dentist or fears about a specific dental procedure the opportunity to have a stress-free and more comfortable experience. By utilizing safe and controlled sedation techniques for dental procedures, a child can undergo dental work in a more relaxed state. With dental sedation a child typically feels more at ease post-operatively as well, having less stress associated with the procedure.

For children with dental anxiety or phobia, strong gag reflexes, medical conditions, special needs, or unable to sit comfortably for dental work, varying levels of carefully monitored sedation can induce a calming state of relaxation. Depending on the level of anxiety the child is experiencing and the nature of the procedure getting performed, our office will recommend the most appropriate option in dental sedation.

The types of sedation dentistry available for children include the following:

Inhalation sedation with N2O:
N2O (Nitrous oxide), also known as "laughing gas," is a mild sedative used to reduce anxiety and enable a child to enjoy improved relaxation during a procedure. Safely and painlessly delivered in combination with oxygen, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small and comfortable mask placed over the nose. Administered for the procedure's duration and then turned off once it comes to an end, the effects wear off very quickly.

Oral Conscious sedation:
Oral sedation means that your child is given a sedative medication to take by mouth shortly before their appointment. As provided in liquid form, this medication allows your child to relax by the time the dental procedure gets underway. As indicated, we will give you specific instructions about limiting food and drink intake before the appointment and keeping an eye on your child as the medication wears off.

IV Sedation/General Anesthesia:
When for reasons of age, special needs, level of anxiety, or extensive procedures, a deeper level of sedation may be required. IV Sedation and general anesthesia enable a pediatric dentist to perform all the needed dental treatment efficiently and safely without causing the patient excessive stress or exceeding their ability to sit for treatment. A trained anesthesiologist will administer and monitor the type and dosage of medication needed to ensure safety and the proper level of sedation throughout the procedure.

Should I choose sedation dentistry?

Only you and the pediatric dentist can determine if sedation is suitable for your child. Your child's medical history, the dental procedures needed, and the ability to sit for treatment are all carefully considered. Depending on the child's health and type of sedation, a medical clearance from the pediatrician may be required. Our office will discuss the options in dental sedation and which one best meets your child's needs.

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