When a "cap" or crown is required

While we can treat most cavities in children with a simple filling, a tooth with more extensive decay may require a "cap" or crown. In this way, it's possible to maintain a baby tooth while restoring its form and function to prevent further discomfort or problems.

Restoring primary teeth with strong and durable crowns

Full coverage crowns on baby teeth not only restore a level of function but also maintain the appearance of your child's smile and preserve sufficient space for the underlying and unerupted permanent tooth.

At Neon Dental, we will recommend the type of full-coverage crown best suited to your child's needs.

Stainless Steel Crowns:
Stainless steel crowns are durable restorations that are typically used as a means of restoring primary molar teeth that have been compromised by decay, trauma, or that have had a pulpotomy procedure. These strong metal caps are permanently cemented in place, protecting what remains of the underlying tooth and preventing it from decaying further. Stainless steel crowns are individually sized and fitted to cover and seal off the affected tooth from germs and debris. And, because they have a smooth and polished surface, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Zirconia Crowns:
Although stainless steel crowns still offer an excellent choice for restoring a damaged back baby tooth, more attractive "tooth-colored" options are available today. Zirconia crowns, which look like porcelain crowns, can protect a broken-down back or front tooth from further damage while appearing completely natural and blending seamlessly with your child's smile. They provide a strong, durable, and cosmetically pleasing option in care.

Composite Resin Crowns:
Another option for a front baby tooth requiring a full-coverage restoration is a composite resin crown. With this type of restoration, a clear form resembling and sized to suit the involved baby tooth is filled with a compatible shade of composite resin and placed over the tooth. Once bonded and set, the clear-plastic outer shell can get removed, leaving an attractive composite crown covering the natural tooth.

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